A Green Way Forward for 2018-02-19: FLORIDA! RUSSIA! What can we do???

February 19th, 2018 · 29 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

Florida shooter:


Allegations of Russian interference​:

1) History of US interference in other countries elections​


2) Shouting "Russia" is a Democratic Party machine trope


3) Press Release from Institute for Public Accuracy:


4) The $100K spent by Russians for the ads is miniscule compared to the ads placed by Hillary's campaign, which enjoyed nearly $564 million in funding for her campaign committee and $231 million in outside money


5) While establishment liberal media continue to obsess over the "Trump ♥ Putin" narrative, the Trump administration’s own National Defense Strategy wants to expand Cold War II against Russia and China. With both major parties supporting bloated military budgets, the new Cold War is fully bipartisan with liberals serving as Propaganda Central. (http://www.pogo.org/straus/issues/military-industrial-circus/2018/a-more-friendly-enemy-back-to-the-future.html)